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Permanent & Temporary Staffing Business Partners Since 1980
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Attention Technical Recruiters!

Is 70 - 80% better than 40%!!??

Think your efforts are worth more than the 30 - 50% you are now receiving?

Tired of wasting an hour or more of your precious time commuting?

Would you like to be part of a network where you receive a tremendous amount of backend support to include:

1) Funding for contractors and the administrative support that contractors require.
2) Access to CareerBuilder and more importantly, Researchers to search CareerBuilder for you.
3) And perhaps best of all, access to what many are referring to as the single best enterprise level recruiting system on the planet.

If your answer to any or all of these questions is yes, we have the answer!

We are a group of experienced, successful Recruiters and Account Managers who decided to put together a network where the benefit which you obtain as a function of your membership significantly outweighs the slice the network receives. Thus, we offer what we believe are the highest compensation percentages available while enjoying the benefit that accrues from being part of a creditable organization.

We continue to seek the recruiting industry's best professionals with proven track records in contingency, contract or retained search to join our network.

Using any modern PC, you have full access to our high speed servers via the Internet using either Internet Explorer or Netscape as a high performance browser.

Current sales volume is unprecedented! Our average sale now exceeds $20,000.00 and our business partner/recruiters are able to work at such a high level of efficiency, they don't need to work 6 or 7 days a week to generate a six figure income! In short, we work hard and smart!

If that's not enough, in most cases you're mailed a check for your percentage within ** FIVE DAYS ** after we receive a check from a corporate client!

For further information in complete confidence, contact:

Alex Craig
General Manager
Technical Placement, Inc.
PO Box 23
Pennsburg, PA 18073
Voice: 215-679-4620
Fax: 215-679-5384

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